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Our response to COVID-19.

ImageTrend leadership has been carefully monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, especially in relation to our upcoming events. After careful consideration, we have opted not to hold these events in-person as originally planned. All regional meetings, including the product education and hot topics meetings, are cancelled and may be rescheduled for later in the year. 

The health and safety of event participants and the ImageTrend community is our greatest concern, and we know that many of you are also facing difficult situations in the communities you live in and serve. In lieu of the in-person meetings scheduled in locations throughout the country, we hosted a two day webinar series on hot topics. We encourage you to read on to learn more about the virtual offerings.

Industry Hot Topics

On-Demand | Virtual Discussion

These webinars are designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about tackling industry-wide challenges – regardless of the software solution(s) you are using. Join us for virtual education – all available from wherever you are.

ImageTrend’s Response to COVID-19

Available on-demand 

Learn how ImageTrend assists you in actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. The tools available within ImageTrend Elite™, Continuum™, and other ImageTrend solutions will be discussed. You can expect to leave this webinar with a good understanding of what you can immediately implement to begin monitoring possible coronavirus outbreaks in your community.

Improving Communication with Emergency Preparedness

Available on-demand

Improve awareness and system efficiency with ImageTrend Resource Bridge. Join us to learn how this solution is a key component to improving communication and sharing information. Maintain awareness of hospitals status, specialty availabilities, available resources and more.

Overcoming Documentation Challenges

Available on-demand 

The dreaded “D” word…documentation. This might be your favorite part of the day, but for many it’s not. Join this webinar to learn the importance of documentation, how to express this to peers, and steps you can take to ensure accurate and reliable data. Common challenges and solutions will be discussed.

The Data Behind Provider Mental Health

Available on-demand 

Insight into findings on emergency responder stress as it relates to burnout, mental well-being, sleep, support networks and more can make a profound impact on your department. Join in on the discussion as epidemiologist Morgan K. Anderson provides an in-depth look at the project and how it can shape the future of this industry.

Beyond Chart-Review: Creating a Data-Driven CQI Program

Available on-demand 

Join us to learn tips and tricks to streamline documentation and maximize data quality, while meeting your reporting standards. We will discuss how a robust CQI program and processes to capture accurate data is needed to get the data out of your system and put it to work for you.

Meeting the Needs of Stakeholders

Available on-demand 

Your stakeholders could be employees, customers, the public, city council or chiefs – regardless, you need data to support your endeavors. During this webinar, we will discuss the steps to getting the data you need, and best practices for analyzing and sharing the data.

Identifying Trends in EMS & Fire Data

Available on-demand

Understanding trends in your data is important whether we’re in the midst of a pandemic or not. Actively monitoring the trends in your community gives you the data you need to implement community-wide programs, revise protocols, provide employee training, or a host of other uses. Join this discussion to learn tips and tricks on identifying trends in your data.

Billing Considerations in EMS

Available on-demand

Reimbursement is fully dependent on the quality, completeness and accuracy of the data submitted. Ensuring the data being submitted is correct though can be time-consuming and may still be riddled with errors. During this webinar, you will learn what you should consider when improving billing revenue, including how to start from the “ground up” to help medics understand the importance of accurate data collection.

Putting it Into Practice: The NFIRS 5.0 Reference Guide

Available on-demand

At more than 500 pages and 14 chapters, the NFIRS 5.0 Reference Guide is daunting. The information provided, however, is vital for ensuring you are submitting the correct information to NFIRS 5.0. We will discuss how to understand key aspects of the reference guide, and how to use it to build and refine your NFIRS run form.

Diving into ImageTrend Solutions

Available on-demand

ImageTrend has a complete set of solutions to help serve you – from licensing providers to pre-hospital incident reporting to trending data, and more. Join us to learn what solutions ImageTrend offers and how they interact.

Product Education

If you were interested in attending an in-person meeting focused on product education, we recommend the following resources that can be found within ImageTrend University, accessible via the ‘help’ link within your application:

  • Quarterly release notes, summaries and videos to stay abreast of what’s new in Elite
  • “Incident Facts for Setup” and associated FAQs for tips on configuring an efficient runform workflow
  • The following videos and documents on Report Writer:
    • Videos
      • Report Writer 100: Get to Know Report Writer
      • Facts about your Report Writer Data
      • Report Writer A-101: Analytical Reporting
      • EMS Packaged Reports
    • Articles
      • The ‘Step-By-Step’ articles
      • The FAQs and overview documents, including a 411 on Time Spent Filters and an article each for the 3 types of reports (Payroll, Call Attendance, Call Percentage)

Additional educational webinars can be found on ImageTrend’s website at

Stay in the know for upcoming events & webinars.

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