Submitting Accurate and Quality Data to NFIRS

Recorded Friday, September 28, 2018
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Webinar Description

Chris French, Assistant Fire Marshal, City of Staunton Fire and Rescue, presents this special topic for better NFIRS-compliant data. Dive into fire incident reporting and learn ways that departments can collect the data needed while still meeting the NFIRS submission requirements. By leveraging capabilities of your fire RMS, ensure the data submitted to NFIRS will be accurate and avoid common mistakes in documentation.

This webinar is approachable for all levels, including those just getting started in the NFIRS documentation process.

About the Presenter

Chris French

Chris French

Assistant Fire Marshal/Paramedic

Chris French is an Assistant Fire Marshal/Paramedic with the City of Staunton (VA) Fire Department. Chris has been an ImageTrend customer and System Administrator since 2005. He has served as a System Administrator and coordinated implementation of multiple ImageTrend products in multiple localities in the western part of Virginia.

Chris is also a member of the VA Division 2 USAR team, VA Division 2 Regional HAZMAT team, and a life member of the Harrisonburg Rescue Squad.

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