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The Trauma Registry Hospitals Prefer

A web-based system for transforming trauma data into insights.

Connected Healthcare

Integrate with EMS partners and other care providers for seamless data exchange.

Easily Deployable & Scalable

No installation required, reducing hospital or state IT footprint. 

Data-Driven Insights

Lead performance improvement initiatives with the information you need at your fingertips.

Backed by Experience

Developed and supported in-house for optimized user experience.

Centralized Data Management

Manage data for trauma, burn, stroke and cardiac in a single system.

Analytic Reports & KPI Monitors

Stay on the pulse of your data with real-time, interactive and comparative reports.

Do More With a Partner in Data

From implementation to research, we know how to help make the most of your data.

Automated System Maintenance

As a web-based system, updates and upgrades are automated through the cloud.



Health Information Hub™ facilitates the bidirectional, automatic exchange of data to connect EMS with hospital EMRs, HIEs, outcome data, billing and registry information. Integrated solutions allow providers – from EMS to hospitals to trauma departments – to gain a perspective of the full spectrum of patient care.

Flexible Exhange Methods

ImageTrend solutions include collaborating with leaders in interoperability to provide various exchange methods that may be required. Exchange methods include query lookup and automatic data exchange through Direct Messaging, web services, VPN, MLLP and more to send and recieve patient health information over a trusted healthcare network.

The Advantage of Truly Connected Healthcare

Improve pre-hospital knowledge

Appropriately staff FTEs
Easily report and analyze all data
Nearly eliminate paper & ink costs
Send ePCRs to the ED before patient arrival
Submit complete records for billing
Improve patient care in the community
Recieve patient outcome data


The two worlds of EMS and hospital records generally speak two different languages – each based on their own national standards for documentation. However, achieving interoperability is faster and easier than you might imagine. 


Streamline communication between medical personnel working in ambulances and hospitals. Hospitals prepare for incoming patients while EMS services receive outcome data. Improve patient care and better prepare for inbound patients with Hospital Hub. Allocate resources as needed for daily events and MCIs, save time and reduce data entry errors.

Gain Knowledge with Outcome Data
Understand how pre-hospital care impacts a patient’s outcome. Provide hospitals with ePCRs during transport and receive outcome data to use for trending, benchmarking and reporting.

Automated Communication
» Information recorded in the field is automatically communicated
» Hospital Hub displays incoming patient information
» Includes condition, assessments, history, procedures and medications
» Quick view available in emergency rooms
» Increase time medical staff has to respond and provide optimal care


Continuum actively analyzes the data within your system as it is added or updated to provide you with notifications and
easy-to-view insights based on the information you need. Best of all, no reports to build. It’s that easy.

Get information where and how you want it without building reports.
Create dashboards and playlists to quickly view key data.
Send alerts and notifications to the people who need it most.
Share dashboards internally or on publically-facing websites.


Report Writer

Empowers administrators and data managers to gauge key performance indicators and monitor QA/QI factors. Report Writer is unrivaled in the industry, and includes standard and easy-to-use ad hoc reports.

Visual Informatics

An advanced visual analysis and reporting system that facilitates the transformation of data to information to new insights. Delve deeper into your data and discover new correlations or trends. 


Transform raw data into actionable insights. Continuum actively analyzes data within ImageTrend systems to deliver notifications and
easy-to-view information without building a single report.


CrewCare is a free mobile app that helps emergency responders and those in the healthcare industry, including dispatch, hospital care providers, nurses and physicians, be more aware of stressors and how it may affect their well-being. You can download it and start using it today. Sign up is confidential and only takes a few minutes to complete and you will be on your way to using this free resource.


Annual Connect Users Conference

Our annual ImageTrend Connect Conference, held in July each year, brings together clients from across the country to network, share knowledge, socialize and learn!

ImageTrend University

ImageTrend University provides a library of resources to all clients with support agreements, including educational videos, manuals, quick guides and help documents. 

Ongoing Education

Including free on-site training sessions, free webinars and our ImageTrend University, which is accessible at all times through the product application. 


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