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ImageTrend® Elite™ with Critical CareEnhance your Experience

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Historical EKG Images

In an industry first, ImageTrend Elite lets providers in the field compare a current 12-lead image to a historical image for the patient. Observations and images can be shared with the receiving ED for the appropriate level of care.

Notifications for Hospital Outcomes

ImageTrend Elite’s notification system alerts users of important unread messages including patient outcomes. From this alert, medics can directly access the secure inbox to review their messages for any follow-up.

What Users Already Love

ImageTrend Elite was designed with touch input and navigation in mind. Ergonomic features like thumb-oriented tabs and Dynamic Power Tools™ save time when documenting care. If you prefer a keyboard, don’t worry – Elite also works on laptops or PCs equipped with a modern browser.

Designed for Critical Care


Reduce time on task and increase documentation accuracy with quick-select tools, real-time validation and more.

Robust Critical Care-Specific Tools

Repeat vital signs
Ventilator section
High risk ob
Dedicated aircraft grid 

Integrate Data

Integrate monitors, CAD and billing to save time and improve data accuracy. 

Dynamic Reporting

Quickly and easily create reports, monitor KPIs, or set up alerts or triggers to reveal the story your data holds.

Favorite Features

Fuid, Configurable Forms

Optimize your workflow with your own forms – utilize drag-and-drop editing to choose the fields and display order for rapid data entry. Use default answers to save documentation time in routine situations.

Centralized Data Collection

Centralize management of fields, value ranges, validation and mapping for import/export data exchange. Activate or inactivate values and change labels for any choice that appears in a drop-down menu.

The Library

User-generated content from your peers in other departments can be shared with the Library. Find forms that others have found successful and share the wealth of knowledge in the ImageTrend community.

Live Support

Submit a support question 24/7 online with Support Desk, a platform to quickly and easily ask a question without the need to call. However, a toll-free support number is available for use during business hours.

Enhance Your Experience

Do more than simply collect data.
Connect Your DataStay Aware

ImageTrend Continuum®

Continuum actively monitors and delivers the information needed to make decisions, impact operations and improve patient care. See how near real-time data from your documentation can be used as evidence in determining optimal protocols or training needs for your department.

Immediate Insight

Continuum delivers easily accessible information that can turn your data into wisdom. Best of all, no reports to build. It’s that easy.

Automatic Delivery & Alerting

Choose from receiving automated notifications via text, email and/or view information on dashboards. Dashboards automatically update and allow you to drill down using filters. 

Public-Facing Options

When the public or city officials need to stay informed, you can set up specific dashboards that are publicly available, while ensuring data security.

Health Information Hub™

Connecting Data

Health Information Hub™ (HIH™) provides bidirectional, automatic exchange of data – connecting EMS with hospital EMRs, HIEs, outcome data, billing and registry information.

ImageTrend Aware

ImageTrend Aware is a free mobile app designed to connect ImageTrend solutions in a single platform for you to manage your professional and personal life. This easy-to-use app allows you to access information from multiple ImageTrend products in one integrated solution, even if you work with multiple agencies.

We are so much more than documentation.

Partner with a dedicated team

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Rely on experienced clinical research services

Share the story of your data to improve care

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