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ImageTrend, Inc. is dedicated to connecting life’s most important data in the healthcare and emergency response community. We deliver software solutions, data analytics and services for EMS, hospitals, community paramedicine (CP), critical care, fire, and emergency preparedness to enable fully integrated patient-centric healthcare and public safety. Our data-driven architecture offers scalable solutions and strategies for today and into the future.

ImageTrend Elite

We understand the importance of a flexible and configurable platform that is fast and easy to use.

Elite Literature

Elite Field™

Elite Field is just that – Elite, in the field. Using the highly flexible forms manager of Elite, you can create forms best suited to your crew’s workflow. When internet is spotty or unavailable, Elite Field won’t slow you down. Records can be synched once internet connection is restored.


  • Allow users to complete the PCR on the various mobile devices (Apple, Android or Windows).
  • Sync process guarantees the latest configuration changes are brought down to the mobile device; this sync process occurs upon login every time the field device is utilized.
  • Repeat Patient lookup can be used with or without an internet connection depending on your desired workflow.

At left are examples of Elite on different mobile devices.

Video features Corona Fire Department and how they are using ImageTrend Elite and other technology on Samsung devices.

Patient Registry

ImageTrend’s Patient Registry solution establishes a repository of trauma information received from trauma centers and other acute-care hospitals in order to better analyze and understand traumatic injuries, their treatments and outcomes.

Watch a video with favorite features of Patient Registry.

Hear from our clients, including Ben Gardiner, Trauma System Administrator at Gold Coast University Hospital.

ImageTrend Continuum®

Continuum is a near real-time data monitoring platform which delivers the awareness and actionable insight to make informed decisions, improve patient care and impact operations.

Example of Continuum dashboard and mobile alerting capabilities.

Get information where and how you want it without having to build reports.

Send alerts and notifications to the people who need it most.

Create dashboards and playlists that can be published to internal or publically facing websites.

Watch a video overview of Continuum.

Watch how Monitors and Alerting work in Continuum.

Performance Insights

The new Performance Insights module of ImageTrend Continuum gives you at-a-glance knowledge of current performance for yourself and your crew. Crew members can compare their personal EMS or fire incident metrics to overall department performance. Leadership can compare shifts, units / apparatus, zones / districts / stations and crews’ overall performance and more for CQI and operational excellence.

Reporting Capabilities

Report Writer
Report Writer empowers your administrators and data managers to gauge key performance indicators and monitor QA/QI factors. Report Writer is unrivaled in the industry, and includes standard and easy-to-use ad hoc reports.

Being aware of what your data is telling you can make a substantial difference within your community. With Continuum, you get the information where and how you want it without having to build reports.


Video message from CEO, Mike McBrady.

How are the patient’s healthcare record, EMS incident and the fire incident connected?

Client Testimonials Video.

Annual Connect Users Conference

Our annual ImageTrend Connect Conference, held in July at the St. Paul River Centre, brings together clients from across the country to network, share knowledge, socialize and learn!

ImageTrend University

ImageTrend University provides a library of resources to all clients with support agreements, including educational videos, manuals, quick guides and help documents for all ImageTrend products. The resources have been very useful as both refresher and initial education materials.

Education & Training

Including free on-site training sessions, free webinars and our ImageTrend University which is accessible at all times through the product application. Learn more by clicking above.

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