We at ImageTrend, would be honored to partner with California Emergency Medical Services Authority.

ImageTrend is the California EMS Information System (CEMSIS) data repository for EMS and Patient Registry.

ImageTrend’s License Management Solution (LMS)

ImageTrend is more than just documentation software. We have countless capabilities, including modernizing licensing and certification processes to minimize administrative burden and maximize applicant output. 

»  Improved data quality with optional features, including integration to the National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) to validate licensee credentials: a critical element in the licensing of EMT’s and Paramedics,

»  More efficient licensing through unique features, including integrations to external systems, streamlining data validation, data capture and data extractions, and

»  Exceptional data reporting capabilities through an integrated report writer.

Customer Quote

“Within about four months of turning on ImageTrend, we went from 60-90 days to get a license to less than four hours. Huge change.”

Fabian P. Blache III

Executive Director, Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners

ImageTrend Continuum®

Continuum is a near real-time data monitoring platform. With Continuum, you will :

Get information where and how you want it without having to build reports.

Send alerts and notifications to the people who need it most.

Create dashboards and playlists that can be published to internal or publically facing websites.

Watch a video overview of Continuum.

Example of Continuum dashboard and mobile alerting capabilities.

Watch how Monitors and Alerting work in Continuum.

Reporting Capabilities

Report Writer
Report Writer empowers your administrators and data managers to gauge key performance indicators and monitor QA/QI factors. Report Writer is unrivaled in the industry, and includes standard and easy-to-use ad hoc reports.

Being aware of what your data is telling you can make a substantial difference within your community. With Continuum, you get the information where and how you want it without having to build reports.


All ImageTrend products are seamlessly connected as one integrated solution.

Other companies we integrate with, for example, are NREMT, CAPCE and Payment Gateway, to name a few.


Learn about ImageTrend and hear from a few of our clients.

Video message from CEO, Mike McBrady.

How are the patient’s healthcare record, EMS incident and the fire incident connected?

Client Testimonials Video.


Annual Connect Users Conference

Our annual ImageTrend Connect Conference, held in July at the St. Paul River Centre, brings together clients from across the country to network, share knowledge, socialize and learn!

ImageTrend University

ImageTrend University provides a library of resources to all clients with support agreements, including educational videos, manuals, quick guides and help documents for all ImageTrend products. The resources have been very useful as both refresher and initial education materials.

Education & Training

Including free on-site training sessions, free webinars and our ImageTrend University which is accessible at all times through the product application. Learn more by clicking above.

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