Choosing the Right Device for Field Use

Recorded Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Webinar Description

For years, EMS and fire departments have been used to documenting incidents on ruggedized notebooks or Windows-based tablets. The newest software now makes it possible to use smaller and lighter-weight devices like Apple’s iPad, but what are the tradeoffs and benefits in switching from the “tried and true?”

Join Spenser Morgan and Conger Kennedy from Hanover Fire-EMS as provide a first-hand account of their experience finding the best device for field documentation. They will discuss the initial need and goals, challenges they faced and what they ultimately found would work for them. Spenser and Conger will also share lessons learned and best practices for implementing new devices in the field.

About the Presenters

Spenser Morgan

Spenser Morgan

IT Manager

Spenser Morgan serves as the IT Manager for Hanover Fire-EMS near Richmond, Virginia. He has been with the department for two years. Spenser has a passion for leveraging technology to help his community. His team is responsible for everything from EMS reporting to UAS deployment. When not crunching geospatial response data, he can be found on the nearest stage, strumming a mean ukulele and belting out his favorite songs.

Conger Kennedy

Conger Kennedy

IT Specialist & Firefighter/EMT

Conger Kennedy serves as an IT Specialist and Firefighter/EMT for Hanover Fire-EMS near Richmond, Virginia. He has been with the department for 8 years. With a background in both Emergency Services and IT, Conger has made it his mission to help improve technology to help his fellow First Responders do their jobs. Conger is not only adept at developing mind-blowing validation rules, he is also a masterful UAS pilot.

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