Harnessing the power of data.

Deliver easily accessible information that can help you turn your data into wisdom, and streamline the accreditation process.
See how

See How

Continuum® actively monitors and delivers the information you need to make decisions, impact operations and, ultimately improve patient care. See how near real-time data from your documentation can be used as evidence in determining the optimal protocols or training needs for your department.


Accreditation Tool

With data available instantly, Continuum is easy to use, provides historical data and allows for quick adjustments to see exactly what you’re looking for.

Immediate Insight

Continuum delivers easily accessible information that can turn your data into wisdom.
Best of all, no reports to build. It’s that easy.

Automatic Delivery

Dashboards automatically update and allow you to drill down using filters.
Playlists automatically refresh to view dashboards most relevant to your goals.

Public-Facing Options

When the public or city officials need to stay informed, you can set up specific dashboards that are publicly available, while ensuring data security.

Get Alerts

Choose from receiving automated notifications via text,
email and/or view information on dashboards.

Visually Informative

Data is visually displayed in several ways including gauges,
maps, graphs, charts and many more.

Viewing Data in Continuum

Visuals such as heat maps, pin maps, charts and graphs can be viewed passively or are interactive to drill down to finer points of your data. Filters let you compare over time, agency/department, specific criteria and more.

Alerts can be scheduled to notify you or your crew via SMS on your phone or email for up-to-the moment awareness.

To see the full potential of Continuum, contact us for a demo.

Continuum and Elite work hand-in-hand to ensure you can collect and view your data real-time.

ImageTrend Elite™ is the gold standard of electronic documentation, reporting and analysis for EMS and Fire. It was developed with the user in mind, with a fluid interface optimized across multiple platforms and operating systems. The smart dashboard and real-time validation further improve productivity by allowing flexibility and reducing inaccuracies.

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