Tracking Exposures & Trending Data

Hosted by CPSE on Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Webinar Description

Exposures – it’s vital information, but are you or your department tracking it? Over the course of your career, have you been able to document your personal exposures? We’ll discuss how you can track this data and how you should be taking advantage of the wealth of data in your department. It’s not enough to simply guess at the exposures you’ve had, if you need another station or to adjust staffing, or if your providers have the right training – it’s especially not enough when you have the data at your fingertips.

Imagine what you could do if the data were just there – you didn’t need to spend hours building a report or pay someone else to create a report that you can’t modify. Imagine if you had real-time insights and could quickly identify trends or put together stakeholder reports or justify funding to city council. This can be your new reality.

Join us to learn how you can put your data to work for you and get a better grasp on what’s going on in your community. You will leave with an understanding of how to identify trends in your data and what you can do with that information.

About the Presenters

Douglas Butler, Jr.

Douglas Butler, Jr.

Director of Clinical Services, ImageTrend

Douglas Butler Jr. began his EMS career in 2003 and has worked throughout the State of California. He has filled many roles including EMT, Paramedic, FTO/Paramedic Preceptor, EMD/EFD Certified 9-1-1 Dispatcher, EMS Educator, Regional Faculty (AHA) and Clinical Manager.

As a Clinical Manager for AMR, Doug discovered his passion for data and quality improvement which led to his position as Data Systems Manager for Coastal Valleys EMS Agency, a multi-county EMS regulatory entity. He is currently the Director of Clinical Services for ImageTrend.

Doug has implemented multiple ImageTrend platforms for CVEMSA and served as data consultant for REACH Air Medical’s ImageTrend system. Doug is a second generation paramedic and when not working is often camping with his dog Medic.

Justin Dillard

Justin Dillard

Product Sales Executive, ImageTrend

Justin joined the ImageTrend team in 2007 after working as a Firefighter/Paramedic. During that time, he graduated from Benedictine University with a Bachelors of Arts. Justin has transitioned from roles in education, support and sales to serving as a Product Sales Manager for the EMS/Fire solutions. He spends a lot of his time meeting with Fire and EMS organizations to hear their challenges and desires. What Justin learns is brought back to the development teams at ImageTrend to make continuous improvements to the EDS solutions. Justin has an in-depth knowledge of EDS products, and his background and time at ImageTrend allow him to provide clients with unique insights in selecting the correct solution for their agency.

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