Developing a Base Hospital Online Medical
Direction Documentation Program

Webinar recorded on June 20, 2023

Webinar Description

Riverside County has developed an Online Medical Direction documentation program that is shared between its six base hospitals, where MICN’s can document medical contacts when providing online medical direction and specialty care activation within their hospital destinations. Utilizing ImageTrend Elite has allowed for comprehensive data collection and research into the role base hospitals play in the prehospital setting. During the webinar, you will gain insight into how this program was developed and the tools used to make it a success.

Meet Your Presenter


Nicholas Ritchey  |  Riverside County EMS Agency

Nicholas Ritchey has been working in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) since 2005, and has held various roles, including Paramedic and Field Training Officer. For the past seven years, Ritchey has been with Riverside County, where his current responsibilities include REMSIS ePCR administration, data collection, patient registry (Stroke, STEMI, and Trauma), and Ambulance Contract Administration. 
During his tenure, he forged one of the first public/private partnerships in Riverside County between a Tribal Government, which has since expanded to include air ambulance and ground transport. Outside of work, Ritchey enjoys watching television shows with his family, traveling, engaging in adventurous outdoor activities, and taking on a video game now and then.