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CAD Integrations

Agency-Level Validation

EKG Integrations

CAD integrations benefit both fire and EMS agencies. Integrate your CAD system with Elite to save valueable time on documentation, eliminate duplicate work and ensure data accuracy. ImageTrend has experience integrating with major CAD vendors. Get in touch with our CAD Team to take the first step toward automating CAD data.

Ensure often-missed data fields are never missed again by adding Agency-Level Validation (ALV) to an Elite site that is a part of a state or multi-agency system. Available for both EMS and fire, administrators can create validation rules that are specific to an agency to mandate the capture of data essential for billing, operations, quality assurance, research and more.

Integrate cardiac monitors with your Elite system to compare current and historical 12-lead images in the field. ImageTrend integrates with leading cardiac monitors, and based on the manifacturer, captured data includes: 12-lead analysis, defibrillation, ETC02, Heart rate, Invasive blood pressure, Noninvasive blood pressure, Respiratory rate, SPO2 and more.

Scheduling Integrations

Billing Integrations

Advanced Analytics

Integrating scheduling data with Elite simplifies completing run forms in the field. ImageTrend Slate™, our intuitive scheduling offering, shares a bi-directional connection with Elite allowing users to enjoy a single sign-on experience. This unique connection allows vehicle, personnel and other information to automatically populate between Slate and Elite. ImageTrend also has integrations in place with popular staffing solutions.

Billing integrations support the seamless flow of data essential to efficient revenue cycles. They eliminate the need for redundant data entry and provide higher revenue recovery. Whether you’re looking for a service to handle the entire revenue cycle for you or considering self-billing, ImageTrend has you covered with options for both. Ask us about ImageTrend Revenue Services™ or ImageTrend Billing Bridge® to learn more about the added benefits they deliver.

Change the way you see your data. ImageTrend Continuum® is the solution that delivers the information you need, when you need it. Your data will be transformed into captivating and meaningful graphics to deliver the awareness and actionable insights to make informed decisions. Whether you need insight into operational, surveillance, clinical or performance improvement, Continuum keeps you on the pulse of your data.

Free Mobile Applications

ImageTrend CrewCare™ is a free mobile app that helps emergency responders and those in the healthcare industry be more aware of life stressors and how it may affect their well-being.

You can download it and start using it today. Sign up is confidential and only takes a few minutes to complete.

A free app to download and use.

A free app to download and use.

ImageTrend Aware™ is a free mobile app designed for you – not just ImageTrend users – to manage your professional and personal life.

This easy-to-use app allows you to track personal exposures, and access information from multiple ImageTrend products in one integrated solution, even if you work with multiple agencies.

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Supplemental Questions

audience-1677028_1920Capture rich data important to your department and community with Supplemental Questions. Supplemental Questions is a standard feature in every Elite system that allows administrators to create and add customized forms to supplement state and national questions for optimized workflows and advanced reporting.

Supplemental Questions can be accessed within ImageTrend Elite’s Form Manager.

Dynamic Power Tools & Situational Tools
audience-1677028_1920Dynamic Power Tools and Situation Tools make complex or repetitive documentation a breeze, reducing documentation effort for common procedures or doses to something as easy as a single tap based on the situation at hand. Based on the provider’s initial impression and course of treatment, these configurable tools can be selected for a scenario, such as cardiac arrest, and display common medications or procedures that might be documented. Crews can save valuable time without sacrificing accuracy.
Preset Values

audience-1677028_1920Utilizing the same configurability found throughout ImageTrend solutions, system administrators can create limitless custom presets for crews in their Elite EMS, Fire or Community Health platform to streamline workflows in the field.

Administrators can save their providers substantial clicks on reports for routine events like wheelchair transfers or cancelled calls, allowing crews to focus on providing quality care, while efficiently documenting their ePCR.The Preset Values feature reduces many data points in common scenarios such as a cancelled call to just a couple clicks.

Pre-designed & Custom-built Reports
audience-1677028_1920ImageTrend Elite’s built-in reporting feature, Report Writer, gives you the power and flexibility to quickly and easily create dynamic reports. Report Writer has pre-designed reports built in allowing you to monitor and analyze standard metrics in your data, while the ability to create custom reports unique to your department or agency helps report on the metrics most important to your community.
Forms For Better Billing

audience-1677028_1920Configuring your run forms to support quick, easy and accurate data collection can improve billing workflows and increase revenue recovery. Run forms designed to meet your billing needs eliminates redundant data entry and can help shorten reimbursement cycles, putting cash back in your hands faster.

In addition to configuring your run forms to help meet your agency’s or departments billing needs, ImageTrend offers a complete revenue cycle management solution for EMS agencies and Fire departments. You will have visibility of the billing process from charge capture to final payment. Let our team do the work for you!

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Centralize management of fields, value ranges, validation and mapping for import/export data exchange. Activate or inactivate values and change labels for any choice that appears in a drop-down menu.

Live Support

Submit a support question 24/7 online with Support Desk, a platform to quickly and easily ask a question without the need to call. However, a toll-free support number is available for use during business hours.

The Library

User-generated content from your peers in other departments can be shared with the Library. Find forms that others have found successful and share the wealth of knowledge in the ImageTrend community.

Webinar & Events

Optimize your workflow with your own forms – utilize drag-and-drop editing to choose the fields and display order for rapid data entry. Use default answers to save documentation time in routine situations.

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