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CAD Integration

Save time and simplify data entry for crews by integrating data collected by dispatch within Elite. With just a few clicks, data can be pulled in from the CAD system and populated into a run form helping ensure data accuracy, eliminate duplicate work and save valuable time for your EMS providers.

Agency-Level Validation

Are there reporting fields in your patient care reports you’d like to make required above and beyond those put in place by the State? Agency-Level Validation is available to help. The ImageTrend Elite reporting solution provided by the State is robust and flexible. Agency-Level Validation adds to that flexibility by allowing you to add validation rules (required fields) to those from the State, which are unique to your agency.

Make the Most of Your Elite System

Repeat Patient Lookup

Pull information for previously seen patients directly into Elite using the Repeat Patient feature. The Repeat Patient feature reduces documentation time by importing the patient’s demographics, allergies and prior clinical data, including 12-Lead ECGs and more. Repeat Patient also helps prevent the creation of duplicate patient records.

EKG Integrations

ImageTrend Elite integrates with top monitor manufacturers. Depending on monitor manufacturer, captured data includes 12- lead analysis to respiratory rate & SpO2

Be Ready For Anything

Be ready for anything with offline capabilities within your Elite system. In remote areas or when infrastructure has been compromised, Elite Field allows for complete documentation with or without internet connection.

Be In The Know. Be Aware.

Aware is a free mobile app designed to connect ImageTrend solutions in a single platform for users to manage their professional and personal lives. This easy-to-use app allows users to access information from multiple ImageTrend products, such as ImageTrend Elite™ and ImageTrend License Management™ in one integrated solution, even if you work with multiple agencies. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

Take a look…

Aware Dashboard.

View live time incidents from your finger tips.

Utilize turn-by-turn directions to the scene.

Manage multiple ImageTrend accounts, such as ImageTrend License Management™ and soon ImageTrend Slate™.

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