ImageTrend Elite: Standalone Fire RMS or Combined RMS/ePCR in a Single Solution

Innovative Solutions

Elite is a continually evolving solution, with new features introduced to improve efficiency for crews, provide more complete information for optimal patient care and enhance documentation quality.

Favorite Features

Here we cover some of the favorite features of ImageTrend Elite as a combined fire and EMS incident reporting solution. Elite has many distinct advantages for more efficient workflow, department operations management and data analysis.

In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how these powerful yet easy-to-use tools can help your crew to be faster and more accurate when documenting fire incidents or patient care.

Taking the First Step to a Single Fire RMS and ePCR system

We understand that making a change can sometimes be challenging; but when the change is positive, the benefits can far outweigh those challenges. Overcoming that inertia starts with a step in the right direction: choosing the combined fire RMS and ePCR system built from the ground up for department efficiency.



Get more flexibility with secure access anywhere you have an internet connection. Greater freedom of choice with a single solution that works on different hardware, including Apple iPad, Android tablets and ruggedized Windows PCs.

Elite Devices

Validation and Visibility Rules

The highly configurable system lets you build forms to collect the right information efficiently. An NFIRS report can be completed in less than 45 seconds. Real-time validation ensures complete and accurate data is submitted for both NFIRS 5.0 and NEMSIS v3 ePCR data.

In-Depth Reporting

Built in reporting helps you keep tabs on department operations, patient care and ISO rating improvements. Use the power of data to maximize the effectiveness of your crew.

World-Class Support & Education

To ease the transition, ImageTrend provides the best support in the industry from in-house personnel – available by phone, web or email. The included ImageTrend University resources are another great way to learn more, and there are even a few free webinars and classroom education sessions for popular topics.

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