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Connecting EMS to the Hospital and Community

Health Information Hub™ facilitates the bidirectional, automatic exchange of data to connect EMS with hospital EMRs, HIEs, outcome data, billing and registry information. Integrated solutions allow providers – from EMS to hospitals to trauma departments – to gain a perspective of the full spectrum of patient care.

HIH™ delivers transaction efficiency of sending pre-hospital information to the hospital EMR. HIH allows the ultimate goal of improved patient outcomes to be realized through continuous quality improvement. The information exchange between hospitals and EMS agencies includes discharge outcomes, demographic information and more, leading to high quality reporting.

Flexible Exhange Methods

ImageTrend solutions include collaborating with leaders in interoperability to provide various exchange methods that may be required. Exchange methods include query lookup and automatic data exchange through Direct Messaging, web services, VPN, MLLP and more to send and recieve patient health information over a trusted healthcare network.

The Advantage of Truly Connected Health Care

Improve pre-hospital knowledge

Appropriately staff FTEs

Easily report and analyze all data

Nearly eliminate paper & ink costs

Send ePCRs to the ED before patient arrival

Submit complete records for billing

Improve patient care in the community

Recieve patient outcome data

Product Literature

Case Study

The two worlds of EMS and hospital records generally speak two different languages – each based on their own national standards for documentation. However, achieving interoperability is faster and easier than you might imagine. Using technologies from ImageTrend and Kno2, Carilion Clinic, headquartered in Virginia, was able to get patients’ prehospital records into their Epic EMR electronically and realize several benefits. The transporting EMS agencies also benefitted in the process.


HIH Paired with ImageTrend’s leading technologies such as Hospital Hub™ and ImageTrend Elite™, emergency healthcare systems establish Truly Connected Health care Data.

Click here or click the JEMS cover on this page to download a PDF of the article explaining how California’s SAFR initiative was realized with ImageTrend technology.

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A Few Words from our Clients

Using HIH to automatically populate the EMR with details from EMS has been very helpful for us. By reducing personnel labor and the amount of paper used, we have been able to use the staff’s time more efficiently. The ER doctors have especially benefited, since they can quickly and easily view the prehospital data at the same time as triage notes before they work with a patient.”

-Aimee, ER Clinical Manager

I work with all of the hospitals, fire departments and EMS agencies in the county on a daily basis, and continually hear how easy it is at the hospital to access run reports, update records for billing and make the process smoother for physicians. I have only had a positive experience working with ImageTrend.”

– Barbara, EMS QI Coordinator

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