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Hospital Diversion Software Training: Georgia Coordinating Center

ImageTrend Resource Bridge™ Diversion Tracking Training

Grady GCC
Grady GCC

New Hospital Diversion Software Training

The Georgia Coordinating Center (GCC) is delighted to announce the implementation of our new diversion tracking software, ImageTrend Resource Bridge™. This state-of-the-art software is currently being utilized by over 12,240 organizations, including hospitals, public health departments, EMS agencies, states, and other healthcare facilities across the nation. With a trusted partnership of over 18 years with the State of Georgia, ImageTrend has consistently demonstrated their extensive experience and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional solutions and customer service. Resource Bridge is a highly configurable, innovative, and scalable software, ensuring its ability to effectively meet our present and future needs.

Streamlining Diversion Management and Enhancing Patient Care with Resource Bridge

Hospitals will utilize Resource Bridge to efficiently update diversion status, NEDOCS (National Emergency Department Overcrowding Score), and specialty availability. This user-friendly software will enable hospitals to seamlessly manage and communicate critical information related to diversion, capacity, and specialized services. By utilizing Resource Bridge, hospitals can ensure timely and accurate updates, leading to improved coordination and better patient care.


Public URL Access and Customizable Filtering

The new diversion tracking software solution will maintain the public URL option, providing users with the ability to share real-time diversion information with the public. This enhanced solution offers the benefit of additional filtering options. These filters allow for more precise customization and control over the displayed information, ensuring that the public receives the most relevant and accurate data regarding diversions. This feature provides greater transparency and enables effective communication between healthcare facilities and the community they serve.

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