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Improved Outcomes for All

Mobile Integrated Healthcare can impact a community in multiple ways.  Understanding the impact is the first step to building a program that benefits patient care and satisfaction while reducing overall healthcare costs.

Community Health can be connected to these ImageTrend Solutions:

  • Elite™ for EMS
  • Health Information Hub™
  • Reporting Solutions
  • Continuum®
  • Revenue Services

Reporting and Analysis

Monitor progress and demonstrate improvements in your program


Identify prime candidates from the Impact Score list to enroll in specific care programs

Case Management

Easily manage quality patient care once they are enrolled in the program


Connect with a Healthcare Provider – Right from Elite

Integrated in Elite

ImageTrend Telehealth is fully integrated into ImageTrend Elite and is ET3-ready, so there is no disruption to your workflow. Take advantage of Elite’s Preset Values and Visibility Rules to automatically display a button to start a Telehealth call. It’s as simple as a tap within the ePCR for a straightforward and secure experience.


  • No workflow disruption
  • Share data directly from ePCR
  • Review incidents in CQI

Patient-level Benefits

  • Quick access to care
  • Increase understanding of care options
  • Enhance patient experience at a lower cost

Provider-level Benefits

  • Real-time consultation with remote medical professionals
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Enhance population health

System-level Benefits

  • Strengthen healthcare system integration
  • Reduce hospital and EMS operating costs
  • Revenue stream diversification


See the Real Story

Continuum actively analyzes the data within your system as it is added or updated to provide you with notifications and
easy-to-view insights based on the information you need. Best of all, no reports to build. It’s that easy.

Get information where and how you want it without building reports.
Create dashboards and playlists to quickly view key data.
Send alerts and notifications to the people who need it most.
Share dashboards internally or on publically-facing websites.


I Like Scheduling – Said No One Ever… Until Now!

Engineered for flexibility, Slate does not limit you to one profile or just a few workflows. Multiple schedule types and sub-groups can be utilized in a single solution with workflows that are defined by your department.

 You get unlimited:

  • Time off requests
  • Shift Trades
  • Work Requirements
  • Work Conditions
  • Seniority Lists

We have been excited to work with ImageTrend’s new scheduling software solution, Slate. This EMS scheduling program offers great reporting tools and the added benefit of integration with the ePCR. Working with their development team has been a great process, as the Slate team is looking to innovate and collaborate with the future in mind!

James Campbell, NRP

Chief of EMS, Montgomery County Hospital District


Finally, an App for the Provider!

Take control of your life with the ability to view active incidents, verify license details, track personal exposures and more.

Rapidly enter personal exposures

Mark events for follow-up or results

Recall past incidents and export as needed


It’s Time to Thrive

CrewCare is a free mobile app that helps emergency responders and those in the healthcare industry, including dispatch, hospital care providers, nurses and physicians, be more aware of stressors and how it may affect their well-being. 

Why is CrewCare important?

  • Bring overall awareness to mental health
  • Increase self-awareness of your stress load
  • Improve support offered within the industry


Layton Roubique

Senior Account Executive

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Lakeville, MN 55044