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It’s Time for An Easy RMS

ImageTrend Elite Fire is a complete RMS data solution for fire departments. It has everything you expect and more to conduct inspections,
document fire incidents and manage fire operations. 

Elite shown on multiple devices.

Analytical Capabilities & Modules

• At-Risk Populations
• ImageTrend Report Writer™
• CQI – Fire

• Continuum®
• ImageTrend Visual Informatics™ (VI)
• ImageTrend MARS™ Mapping/Reporting

Operational Capabilities & Modules

• Locations/Occupants/Inspections
• Hydrants
• Preplanning
• Inventory
• Checklists
• Training and Activities
• Maintenance
• Permits

  • Configure ad-hoc reports for your NFIRS 5.0 data with the built-in ImageTrend Report Writer™
  • Create forms to optimize your department’s workflow using Elite’s Form Manager
  • User-generated content from your peers in other departments can be shared with the Library
  • Elite is a cloud-based system that works anywhere with an internet connection
  • Expand fire operations capabilities with the Locations/Occupants/ Inspections Module

“We are able to include helper text for our engine crews, which results in better inspections and happier customers. A wonderful feature and another reason we love, love, LOVE ImageTrend Software!”

Keith Tanner

Fire Marshal, City of Surprise Fire-Medical Department (AZ)


Locations, Occupants & Inspections

The Locations, Occupants and Inspections module of Elite Fire enable comprehensive fire inspections at the state, county, municipal and local levels. With Elite Field Inspections, an inspection or re-inspection can be done without an internet connection and then synced with the system later, making it a truly mobile solution that can go anywhere.

The Inspections dashboard gives quick access to assigned records or new inspections.

Touch-friendly input and signature capture on an inspections form.

Key Features for Fire

  • Works on Apple, Android and Windows devices
  • Permissions-based access for security and data integrity
  • Available API to send locations, occupants, inspections and preplan data to third parties
  • Links to history of fire calls in Elite Fire or Elite Rescue for the same address
  • Switches among related locations, occupants and inspections without exiting the inspection
  • Preplan information including hazmat on site, sprinklers, overview and building info can be added for reference
  • Inspections can be scheduled or ad hoc
  • Violations code lookup by text, description, code number or category
  • Automated violation flags based on triggers
  • Configurable inspection letters can be emailed or printed
  • Track staff hours or start/stop dates and times
  • Photos captured can be saved directly into the inspection record – preventing any image being saved locally on the device or in any related cloud.
  • Connects to optional Permits module via Occupants
  • Forms and letters can be downloaded from The Library, a community-based approach to sharing best practices and tools within Elite


See the Real Story

Continuum actively analyzes the data within your system as it is added or updated to provide you with notifications and
easy-to-view insights based on the information you need. Best of all, no reports to build. It’s that easy.

The Fire Accreditation Dashboard within ImageTrend Continuum delivers key information to understanding the performance of fire organizations relative to their Standards of Cover and Service Response goals.


  • No data extracts to manage
  • No spreadsheets to build
  • No manual calculations

Plus, with the Fire Accreditation Dashboard you will be able to continuously view standard response metrics for each of your incident response categories, including:

  • Maps of Incident Locations
  • Incident Volume
  • Response Times
  • Benchmarks and Trends
  • Exclusions


I Like Scheduling – Said No One Ever…  Until Now!

Engineered for flexibility, Slate does not limit you to one profile or just a few workflows. Multiple schedule types and sub-groups can be utilized in a single solution with workflows that are defined by your department.

You get unlimited:
• Time off requests
• Shift Trades
• Work Requirements
• Work Conditions
• Seniority Lists

Easy to Use
Slate’s intuitive design makes it easy for either administrators or end users to learn and manage their schedules quickly. Proprietary roster-building templates eliminate redundancy while maintaining flexibility. Easily transform and modernize your operations.

Works with Aware™ App
End users can view and manage their schedules from their own smartphone too, using ImageTrend Aware – a mobile app that is included with Slate. With optional Slate text/SMS, you will also have the ability to send individual or bulk text/SMS notifications and alerts to personnel.


Finally, an App for the Provider!

Rapidly enter personal exposures

Mark events for follow-up or results

Recall past incidents and export as needed

Take control of your life with the ability to view active incidents, verify license details, track personal exposures and more.


It’s Time to Thrive

CrewCare is a free mobile app that helps emergency responders and those in the healthcare industry, including dispatch, hospital care providers, nurses and physicians, be more aware of stressors and how it may affect their well-being. 

Why is CrewCare important?

  • Bring overall awareness to mental health
  • Increase self-awareness of your stress load
  • Improve support offered within the industry


Layton Roubique

Senior Account Executive

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