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The Initiative

We are excited to announce the creation of ImageTrend’s Medical Advisory Board (IMAB). This initiative will positively impact the EMS and healthcare industry through discerning insight, scientific direction and expertise. We are seeking dynamic, insightful and engaging medical directors from around the country to:


Be a strong voice in representing our community and the broader industries that we serve

Provide expertise on research-focused initiatives that have a positive impact on our client base and the overall industry

Offer guidance and feedback on a multitude of timely/relevant topics and key initiatives

Serve as thought leaders and advocates in healthcare and public safety

Connect with peers who bring unique perspectives and expertise to inform strategic direction on industry topics


Term length: May 1, 2020 – December 31, 2022

The medical advisory board is comprised of medical directors and will meet once per quarter via webinar for a ​two-hour discussion. There may be in-person meetings throughout the year, including attendance at the annual ImageTrend Connect User Conference held each July in Minnesota. Board members will be compensated for their contribution, with the option to donate to a charity.

Applications are accepted through April 15, 2020. Questions can be directed to 952-469-1589 or

About ImageTrend

ImageTrend is dedicated to connecting life’s most important data in the healthcare and emergency response community. ImageTrend delivers software solutions, data analytics and services for EMS, hospitals, community paramedicine (CP), critical care, fire, and preparedness to enable fully integrated patient-centric healthcare and public safety. ImageTrend’s commitment to innovation, its clients, and providing world-class implementation and support is unsurpassed. Based in Lakeville, Minn., ImageTrend combines business analysis, creative design and data driven architecture to offer scalable solutions and strategies for today and the future.

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