Meeting the Needs of Stakeholders

Recorded Thursday, April 9, 2020
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Webinar Description

Your stakeholders could be employees, customers, the public, city council or chiefs – regardless, you need data to support your endeavors. During this webinar, we will discuss the steps to getting the data you need, and best practices for analyzing and sharing the data.

About the Presenters

Justin Dillard

Justin Dillard

Product Sales Executive, ImageTrend

Justin joined the ImageTrend team in 2007 after working as a Firefighter/Paramedic. During that time, he graduated from Benedictine University with a Bachelors of Arts. Justin has transitioned from roles in education, support and sales to serving as a Product Sales Manager for the EMS/Fire solutions. He spends a lot of his time meeting with Fire and EMS organizations to hear their challenges and desires. What Justin learns is brought back to the development teams at ImageTrend to make continuous improvements to the EDS solutions. Justin has an in-depth knowledge of EDS products, and his background and time at ImageTrend allow him to provide clients with unique insights in selecting the correct solution for their agency.

Sergio Nardi

Sergio Nardi

Account Advisor, ImageTrend

Sergio Nardi joined the ImageTrend team as an Account Advisor in 2019. His career has spanned 18 years, working EMS and Fire in California, Michigan, Virginia, and Minnesota, working most recently as a career Battalion Chief in the Twin Cities metro region. Sergio has been a system administrator of various ImageTrend sites since 2013. He continues to work as a Paramedic with Regions Hospital EMS Event Medicine Team, and a Paramedic with East Metro Medical Resource Control Center. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science Administration.

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