Mental Health Mayday

Recorded Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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Webinar Description

Todd Donovan has struggled with mental illness dating back 40 years when he attempted suicide at the age of 8. He relates the challenges of living with major depression throughout his life and the stigma associated with it. However, his story doesn’t end with a debilitating mental illness. Todd demonstrates how finding a treatment worked for him. His message of hope leaves the audience with a new appreciation for mental illness, treatment, and breaks down the stigma.

About the Presenter

Todd Donovan

Todd Donovan

Firefighter/Paramedic and Data Specialist

Todd Donovan is a firefighter/paramedic for the Derry Fire Department and a Data Specialist for the New Hampshire Fire Academy and EMS. He lives in Andover, New Hampshire with his wife, Nicole, of 26 years, and his four great children. First Responder suicide rates are unacceptably higher than the general population. Last year, first responder suicides outnumbered line of duty deaths. Armed with this knowledge, Todd became an “In Our Own Voice” speaker and volunteer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness – New Hampshire in 2016. Todd knows that the struggle of living with depression, PTSD, and other mental illness is real. He opens up an honest conversation with the audience to break down the stigma and barriers that prevent first responders from seeking treatment. He takes a positive approach to seeking help and finding healing. You will be inspired by the story of lifelong struggle with mental illness and finding a treatment that works, healing and peace.

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