Metadata-Driven Data Science with ImageTrend DataMart and R

Recorded June 14, 2024

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Webinar Description

This webinar will showcase the work that the Oregon EMS & Trauma Systems program has done to build workflows using metadata to drive data extraction, cleaning, analysis and visualization from our ImageTrend DataMart database. This approach allows us to get upstream of the many projects that we develop and/or update every year/quarter/month, to make changes in only one place; our data dictionary. Using a modular approach, building functions and scripts to support these projects, will allow us to produce more consistent, validated data products more quickly.

The presentation is designed to be accessible to a general audience regardless of programming/coding experience. All examples given will be using the ImageTrend DataMart database, the open source R programming language ( and R Studio IDE (, but a similar approach may be implemented for use with any other database, or other languages such as Python, SAS, etc.

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Peter Geissert | Informatics Research Analyst (RA4) & Data Team Lead | Oregon EMS & Trauma Systems Program

Peter Geissert MS, MPH is the Informatics Research Analyst (RA4) and Data Team lead with the Oregon EMS & Trauma Systems Program. Peter is a Public Health professional with over 25 years in the field, and a doctoral candidate in the Complex Systems Program at Portland State University. He is a passionate advocate for the use of open source scripting tools in the public sector as a way to make our programs and data systems more agile, dynamic, and cost effective. Incidentally, Peter also reports that pushing heavy rocks up hills is his happy place. In his copious spare time Peter enjoys cooking, gardening, music, and making things.