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License Management™ – A Comprehensive Solution


Allow your professionals to speed up the renewal process, and reduce data error when applying for renewal licenses.


User friendly workflows allow a professional to automatically move through the licensing process from submission through issuance.


Accuracy is important when it comes to ensuring your professionals are safely licensed. LMS allows you to affirm your providers are meeting the appropriate regulatory standards.


Data and analytics play a critical role in improving processes and efficiencies. Our powerful reporting tool will help you gain the insights needed to make impactful change.


Empower your administrators to bulk approve applications in peak renewal period and generate license cards for credentialing.

All ImageTrend products are seamlessly connected as one integrated solution.

License Management Solution (LMS)

ImageTrend understands the unique needs of licensing and certification. In fact, we have spent over a decade developing a robust solution to fit those needs. We provide licensing services for 27 statewide and federal systems.

» Modernize your licensing and certification process to minimize administrative burden and maximize applicant output with ImageTrend’s License Management solution.

» Apply automation to your credentialing worfklow for a more efficient system and transform your state or agency’s licensing practice to a full-service, online platform that can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Customer Quote

“Having the foresight to process applications online pre-pandemic was one good fortune. Having ImageTrend’s License Management Solution (LMS) as our system has been the decision that’s paid the greatest dividends. With virtually no down time, the capacity to absorb large numbers of new users during surge responses, and the Support Team to make things happen quickly, LMS has not only made and kept us fully functional, we are also looked at by the regulatory industry nationwide as the leader in how to automate correctly!”
Fabian P. Blache III

Executive Director, Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners

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Customer Quote

“During the COVID emergency, we were tasked with assisting the EMS community with augmenting its workforce. ImageTrend’s LMS made it possible to operate at the greatest degree of efficiency, for the system triggers allowed us to seamlessly update configurations, which enabled us to combine processes for EMS personnel, nursing and respiratory care students. Bulk processing was a valuable tool that expedited credentialing of field-ready personnel.”

Terrell Buckson

Director of Licensure and Certification, Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems


Mississippi State Department of Health Bureau of EMS

Mississippi EMS has been using the ImageTrend system for 12 years after going live in 2008. We have a  long standing partnership to operate the licensing process for EMS providers & agencies. Our licensing system seamlessly integrates to the electronic patient care reporting system, which can reflect the latest license standing for all EMS providers. This reduces the administrative burden significantly. The LMS system can also retrieve National Registry of EMT certification data in real-time, which automates the verification process. The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services in Mississippi State Department of Health has been using the NIC payment portal integration since 2014 to collect licensing fees.

Iowa Fire Marshal

The Iowa Fire Marshal office is one of our ground breaking organizations who transformed many paper processes into the ImageTrend License Management electronic platform. They took advantage of the customization data elements and easy-to-use form builder to make applying various license types online through one Public Portal become a reality. Here are the licenses they actively process:

  • Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • Consumer Fireworks Wholesaler Registration
  • Alarm System Contractor Certification
  • Fire Protection System Installer
  • Alarm System Installer Assistant
  • Fire Extinguishing System Contractor
  • Building Code Plan
  • Individual Blaster License
  • Commercial Explosive License
  • New Tank Registration
  • Consumer Fireworks Retail Seller License

Through our multi-years partnership, we value our creative ideas in licensing and implement these automated workflows to augment applications capacity.

Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners

The Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners are the state regulatory body for private (contract) security industry. Their goal is to make sure that the security guards and contractors in the state of Louisiana are properly licensed and regulated. Licensing Types Served:

  • Businesses
  • Firearm Certification
  • Initial Security Officer
  • Instructor
  • Renewal Secruity Officer
  • Security Operations Manager
  • Reinstatement
  • National Registry
  • Provisional
  • Vehicles
  • Unarmed
  • Board Members

ImageTrend began working The Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners in 2017 to incorporate a full-service licensing system for Private Security Examiners. The focus of this move from a paper system to a web-based solution was to drive down administrative burden, increase productivity, automate processes and create a feeling of accomplishment. Outcomes achieved:

    1. Tracking of applicants and statuses in real-time

    2. Savings on postage, processing, paper, admin costs and personnel

    3. Clean data that allowed for accurate and actionable reporting

4. Conducted over 6,100 education classes that were tracked, submitted and certified online in 2018


Within about 4 months of turning on ImageTrend, we went from 60-90 days to get a license, to less than 4 hours. Huge change.

Fabian P. Blache III

Executive Director & Chief Administrative Officer

EMS Division of the Colorado dept. of Public Health

The State of Colorado adopted ImageTrend’s Elite ePCR system in 2011 to manage and track their patient care records in a centralized platform. Using Elite’s intelligent interface, and powerful reporting data base, Colorado has been able to speed up run time, improve data accuracy and automate complex or repetitive processes.

In 2013 The State of Colorado integrated with ImageTrend’s License Management System. This integration has been Speed essential for Colorado to help create one user experience for their personnel operating both Elite and LMS. Data syncing between the two systems allows for automation and faster turnaround times for applicants, as well as one place to enter demographic information. With ImageTrend’s License Management system, personnel have been able to enjoy a configurable and scalable solution that has been applied for managing personnel, vehicle and service licensure, Continuing Education, as well as inspections and investigations.

Benefits of this unique relationship:

  • Interact with both ImageTrend Elite and ImageTrend LMS with single sign-on functionality
  • Share personnel, service and vehicle license and demographic information between systems
  • Search license lookup to validate all rostered providers are up to date and safely administering care


  • The average application processing time in 2019 from submit to issue is 34 days
  • 41,618 email correspondence were automatically sent this year through the system workflow
  • 109 users (on average) login and access with the CO public portal daily
  • 5,413 EMS providers in CO are National Registry certified and automatically verified through the system workflow

Everything is streamlined, everything is electronic. It’s been a huge time saver for both the provider, as well as the education programs. We have had a lot of great feedback saying “I don’t have to track people down” or “I get immediate notification” and it’s really cut down on what used to be a very burdensome part of the renewal process.

Adreanna Early

Management and Technology Advisor

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Division of Public Health

Wisconsin DHS is responsible for the ePCR system, as well as the licensing of Emergency Medical professionals within the State of Wisconsin. ImageTrend works specifically with the EMS Division to ensure public safety through the regulation of EMS Professionals, and a better means of collecting PCR data with ImageTrend’s License Management System and Elite ePCR System. Licensing Types and Personnel Served:

  • EMT
  • EMS Advanced Life Support
  • Advanced EMT
  • EMT Instrucutor
  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
  • First Responders
  • EMT Field Supervisor
  • Paramedic
  • EMS Basic Life Support
  • Dispatchers

ImageTrend began working with the State of Wisconsin in 2009 to incorporate the License Management System (LMS). The WDHS implemented ImageTrend’s licensing system across the state, and integrated with ImageTrend’s Elite ePCR system in 2012. The focus of this move from a paper system to a web-based solution was geared at improving data accuracy, to efficiently gather data and to ensure personnel were appropriately administering care. ImageTrend’s ePCR system and licensing system sync together to provide a complete offering for EMS professionals across the country. Benefits of this unique relationship:


  • Interact with both ImageTrend Elite and ImageTrend LMS with single sign-on functionality
  • Share personnel, service and vehicle license and demographic information between systems
  • Search license lookup to validate all rostered providers are up to date and safely administering care

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