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NEMSIS 3.4 Compliant
Recertification Dates : Collect 12/13/2019 and Receive & Process 1/8/2020

Video message from CEO, Mike McBrady

How are the patient’s healthcare record, EMS incident and the fire incident connected?

Client Testimonials Video
(full disclosure, Sergio Nardi is now an ImageTrend team member) 

ImageTrend Elite™ for EMS

Intuitive solutions for EMS providers to make electronic documentation second nature so you can stay focused on the patient.
Fluid, Configurable Forms
Not all EMS agencies collect data the same. Create your own forms to optimize your workflow using ImageTrend Elite’s Form Manager. Utilize drag-and-drop editing to choose the fields and order of display for rapid data entry. Use default answers to save documentation time in routine situations.
Centralized Data Collection Settings
audience-1677028_1920Take in-depth control with centralized management of your fields, their value ranges, validation and mapping for import/export data exchange. The Data Manager lets you activate or inactivate values and change the labels for any choice that appears in a drop-down menu.
Live Support
audience-1677028_1920Submit a support question 24/7 online with Support Desk. Support Desk provides a platform to quickly and easily ask a question without the need to call the support team. If any questions arise, the user is contacted via phone or email to ensure the process continues. There is also a toll-free support number to get in touch during business hours.
More Complete Data with Validation
audience-1677028_1920ImageTrend Elite comes with pre-built validation rules for NEMSIS compliant EMS incidents. Add more validation rules as needed to fit your extended data set or department’s operations needs – all configurable by your system administrator.
audience-1677028_1920User-generated content from your peers in other departments can be shared with the Library. Find forms that others have found successful and share the wealth of knowledge in the ImageTrend community.

audience-1677028_1920Integrate with other data systems, including CAD and staffing/scheduling solutions, to improve data accuracy and save time by avoiding duplicate data entry. ImageTrend has experience integrating major scheduling solutions and major CAD vendors.

Billing Bridge®

A billing solution designed for EMS that connects with electronic patient care reports. ImageTrend Billing Bridge
begins the billing process as data is collected, ensuring faster billing cycles with more timely payments.

Continuum® — Near Real-Time Data Monitoring

Being aware of what your data is telling you can make a substantial difference within your community.

Get information where and how you want it without having to build reports.

Send alerts and notifications to the people who need it most.

Create dashboards and playlists that can be published to internal or publically facing websites.

Watch a video overview of Continuum.

Example of Continuum dashboard and mobile alerting capabilities.

Watch how Monitors and Alerting work in Continuum.


Do more with your data. Create efficiencies, improve outcomes and most importantly, easily understand what your data is telling you.

Report Writer
Report Writer empowers agency administrators and data managers to gauge key performance indicators and monitor QA/QI factors. Report Writer is unrivaled in the industry, and includes standard reports as well as easy-to-use ad hoc reporting. And it’s included with your solution.

Health Information Hub™ (HIH)

Bi-directional connection among EMS, emergency departments and Health Information Exchanges (HIE).

Published in JEMS Magazine

In the above video, hear from Douglas Butler, Jr., Data Manager formerly of Coastal Valleys EMS Agency in California as he talks about how hospital integration works for them.

Doug is now the Director of Clinical Services at ImageTrend.


A mobile app designed for first responders and healthcare providers.

A free app to download and use.

Watch the video.

As an organization.

Specific CrewCare research is available for insight into your organization’s stressors to provide more information, tailored resources and to help spur positive change.

Report | Volume 2

Health of Our Emergency Responders: A CrewCare Report

The report is comprised of anonymous aggregate stress-related data collected from the CrewCare mobile App. The goal of this report is to provide insight about life stressors and associated factors related to careers, physical health, support, sleep, mental health, and burnout within the first responder community.

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Annual ImageTrend Connect Users Conference

Our annual conference held in July at the St. Paul RiverCentre, bringing together clients from across the country to network, share knowledge, socialize and learn!

Q: What do you look forward to most at Connect?

“Interacting with my peers. Hearing what projects they have going on. What their thoughts are on problems I am facing. I also look forward to the interaction, face-to-face, with people I interact with on a weekly basis like support and the product coordinators.”

Eric Anderson

WI Trauma Registry, Wisconsin

Including free on-site training sessions, free webinars and our ImageTrend University which is accessible at all times through the product application. Learn more by clicking above.

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