The NEW fire RMS for North Carolina.

Advantages of EliteEnhance your Experience

Maximize your department’s operations.

Flexible Documentation

Elite is built for 100% web-based access from your choice of device including iPad and Android tablets in addition to computers. No need to worry about installs or App Store accounts.

Inspections and Permits

The State of North Carolina’s Elite site includes both inspections and permitting modules. The optional Elite Inspections Field module allows offline preplans without an internet connection.

Get It Done with Checklists

Perform truck checks, station checks and track daily duties in a checklist format to ensure duties are being performed for a well-prepared crew.


This module allows your investigators to document all aspects of a fire-related investigation, including such things as witnesses, evidence grids and weather related information.

Leverage Powerful, Built-In Reporting with Elite and Report Writer

In this on-demand webinar, Chief Spirlong discusses what steps the Surprise (Ariz.) Fire-Medical Department (SFMD) has taken to optimize their fire RMS for their Public Safety Center’s (CPSE) accreditation process.

Kevin outlines how SFMD defined risk for each type of incident and how you can create effective response force (ERF) numbers. The webinar also highlights report creation for measuring baseline performance. This webinar is for those who are looking to use their fire RMS data to streamline their efforts in the department accreditation process.

Enhance Your Experience

Do more than simply collect data.
Connect Your DataStay Aware

Optional Enhancements to Elite

Available directly from ImageTrend

CAD Integration

Save time by integrating data collected by dispatch. Allow crews more time to focus on the incident at hand when information is electronically pre-populated into the run form. Specific events such as timestamping by dispatch are sent directly to the Patient Care Report. Help ensure data accuracy, eliminate duplicate work and save valuable time for your crews.

Offline Elite Field Inspections

With the optional Elite Field inspections, a building inspection or preplan can be started and completed offline and submitted when a connection is established. An encrypted database on the local device keeps the data secure from unauthorized access. Windows, Apple and Android compatible.

Build Schedules in a Fraction of the Time

Introducing Slate™

(one minute video)

Slate is a new, standalone operations management solution that meets the needs of all sizes of departments and agencies. Slate will optimize and streamline your operations and can also be integrated with ImageTrend Elite™ for seamless, bidirectional updates.

Combine EMS and Fire Records in One Solution with Optional Elite Rescue

Above: See some of the favorite features of Elite for fire departments.

Favorite EMS Features of Elite Rescue

Above: See some of the favorite features of Elite for EMS providers.

Historical EKG Images

In an industry first, ImageTrend Elite lets providers in the field compare a current 12-lead image to a historical image for the patient. Observations and images can be shared with the receiving ED for the appropriate level of care.

Notifications for Hospital Outcomes

ImageTrend Elite’s notification system alerts users of important unread messages including patient outcomes. From this alert, medics can directly access the secure inbox to review their messages for any follow-up.

Configurable Barcode Parser

Elite’s configurable barcode parser is the most flexible in the industry. Reduce manual re-typing errors and save time at any facility by scanning codes.

Health Information Hub™

Connecting Data

Health Information Hub™ (HIH™) provides bidirectional, automatic exchange of data – connecting EMS with hospital EMRs, HIEs, outcome data, billing and registry information.

ImageTrend Aware™

ImageTrend Aware is a free mobile app designed for you – not just ImageTrend users – to manage your professional and personal life. This easy-to-use app allows you to track personal exposures, and access information from multiple ImageTrend products in one integrated solution, even if you work with multiple agencies.

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Share the story of your data to improve care

Stay aware of industry trends

A mobile app designed for first responders and healthcare providers.


A free app to download and use.

Watch the video.

As an organization.

Specific CrewCare research is available for insight into your organization’s stressors to provide more information, tailored resources and to help spur positive change.

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