Battling the Opioid Epidemic with Technology

Opioid and Naloxone Continuum Solution

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Webinar Summary

Epidemiologist Morgan Anderson shows how technology such as ImageTrend Continuum® and Continuum Earth™ can be employed to counter the opioid epidemic. Learn about the role Active Data Monitoring™ plays in alerting responders and giving administrators a top-level view of their community’s incidents. Get a glimpse of Continuum Earth’s powerful surveillance engine and how it aids planning, training and command during response.

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Download the Infographic


We have prepared an informative infographic on the opioid epidemic and how naloxone works as a treatment in case of overdose.

This free PDF download can be printed and used for education in your community.

Data Source : CDC MMWR and CDC study “Disparity in Naloxone Administration by Emergency Medical Service Providers and the Burden of Drug Overdose in Rural Communities”, published in the American Journal of Public Health.

For more information from the CDC, please consider the following resources:

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