In the above video, see how you can create the reports discussed in the Trauma System News article using ImageTrend Patient Registry. If you are interested in learning more about your options for a trauma registry system, scroll down to get the free ebook: Tips for Choosing a Registry Solution.

ImageTrend Patient Registry lets you collect and maintain registry data for trauma, stroke and cardiac, all within a single system. Data collected can be reported on to determine where there are disparities or opportunities to improve quality of care.

Free eBook: Tips for Choosing a Registry Solution

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It’s not just about collecting data, it’s about sharing information and putting your data to work to improve the healthcare being provided. A software solution can greatly impact not only your trauma center, but your daily life, and it’s important to choose a complete solution that can help you become more efficient and collect more quality data. What criteria do you use to choose a solution though? Download this eBook to learn what qualities to look for when evaluating software vendors.

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Download the free eBook