Setting a New Standard, QA/QI for Documentation

Webinar recorded on February 28, 2019

Webinar Description

Performing QA/QI, Peer Review, and Benchmarking are at the forefront of our industry and are a hot topic in the clinical world. This lecture will reveal why you should be taking this one step further and performing such actions for your documentation standards.

We discuss our QA/QI methods: what we are looking for and how to address problems when they are found; our Peer Review process: engaging crews to analyze each other’s documentation pearls and pitfalls and how this helps improve problem areas revealed during QA/QI; and Benchmarking: keeping track of the progress we either are, or are not, making and what to do with it.

Meet Your Presenter


Kerby Johnson, NRP  |  Medical Records Coordinator

Kerby Johnson started her career in EMS in 2010 and has been with MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Fort Worth Texas since 2012 as a Paramedic. She began working in the Medical Records department at MedStar in 2015 as a Medical Records Coordinator and remains an active member of the field staff. She is passionate about documentation and enjoys educating individuals on best documentation practices and new methods; she firmly believes that education is the foundation for continuous improvements to the industry.

She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management and is seeking certification from AHIMA as an RHIA. In her free time, Kerby coaches CrossFit Kid’s classes, hangs out with her cat and her corgi, and enjoys traveling as much as she can.

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