Enhancing data for of Maryland fire departments and EMS agencies.

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Fire Department Challenges and Solutions

NFIRS 5.0 Reporting

“I need a hassle-free way to get an NFIRS-compliant reporting system for my department.”

Solution: ImageTrend Elite™ for Fire uses the same familiar interface as Maryland’s EMS data system, making it easy to pick up and train others. With the state’s existing contact, the pathway to procurement is already paved to create an easier process for most departments. [see Elite for Fire below]

Fire Operations

“I need more tools to manage operations – like hydrants, checklists, inspections, investigations or permits.”

Solution: ImageTrend Elite™ for Fire has many included features plus available modules for departments of all sizes. It’s not just about collecting data, rather making use of it to maximize department efficiency and fire prevention efforts. One powerful platform is built for the way you work. [see Elite for Fire below]

Accreditation and Performance

“Measuring department performance for improvement or accrediation take a lot of time. Can it be simplified?”

Solution: ImageTrend Continuum® makes quick work of visualizing your data as charts, graphs and maps – all without building a single report. The Fire Accreditation Dashboard is included with the Fire Content Package of Continuum. [see Continuum below]


We understand your objectives, current challenges and the importance of a flexible and configurable platform for ease-of-use, efficiency, increased accuracy and interoperability, and Elite is the single solution powerful enough to help you – regardless of whether you are fire only or provide EMS too. Includes:

NFIRS 5.0 | Hydrants | Checklists | Training & Activities | Locations, Occupants & Inspections

Optional Modules: Mobile (offline) Inspections | Investigations | Permits


Simplify the accreditation process, and improve risk reduction and incident response performance.

Get information where and how you want it. Send alerts and notifications to the people who need it most.

Create dashboards and playlists that can be published to internal or publically facing websites.

Using Continuum to help track accreditation goals


ImageTrend Slate™ is a standalone scheduling solution designed for departments and agencies of all sizes. Engineered for flexibility, multiple schedule types and sub-groups can be utilized in a single solution with workflows that are defined by your department.

It is an ImageTrend-hosted solution that connects with the Aware app for end users to view and manage their own schedules, and can either integrate with ImageTrend Elite or work independently.


Allow crews more time to focus on the incident at hand and shave time off documention when CAD data is
electronically pre-populated into the run form.

Automate dispatch data into the run form and save time.

Ensure data accuracy, eliminate duplicate work and save valuable time for your providers.

Personalize data fields to your organizational needs.


Combines ePCR and critical care capabilities into one application.

Designed for ease of use, speed and accuracy.


Collect the data you need most, when you need it.


Create dashboards and playlists that can be published to internal or publically facing websites.


Import data collected on your monitor quickly and easily.


Dynamic Power Tools™, such as the fishbone diagram, and other data entry shortcuts speed up documentation and help minimize errors.


Pre-populate run reports with CAD data.


Elite Community Health supports community health initiatives to provide a patient-centric solution designed for the needs of your community.

The flexibility allows for a wide variety of programs such as high utilizers, post-discharge follow-up, substance abuse, veterans, CHF, diabetes and more.

Reporting and Analysis

Impact Score


Case Management


Consult with a Healthcare Provider – Right from Elite

Telehealth Integrated in Elite™

ImageTrend Telehealth is fully integrated into ImageTrend Elite and is ET3-ready, so there is no disruption to your workflow. Take advantage of Elite’s Preset Values and Visibility Rules to automatically display a button to start a Telehealth call. It’s as simple as a tap within the ePCR for a straightforward and secure experience.


  • No workflow disruption
  • Share data directly from ePCR
  • Review incidents in CQI

Get Connected

When starting a Telehealth call, the on-scene medical crew can choose online teams for the first available provider or selectively connect to the online provider of their choice.

Your agency can configure the list of teams and providers for diferent specialties or areas of responsibility.

Consulting teams are able to answer calls and manage their users and teams from an easy-to-use online portal.


ImageTrend Aware is a free mobile app designed to connect ImageTrend solutions in a single platform for you to manage your professional and personal life. This easy-to-use app allows you to access information from multiple ImageTrend products, such as ImageTrend Elite™ and ImageTrend License Management™ in one integrated solution, even if you work with multiple agencies.

Be in the know. Be Aware.


CrewCare is a free mobile app that helps emergency responders and those in the healthcare industry, including dispatch, hospital care providers, nurses and physicians, be more aware of stressors and how it may affect their well-being. You can download it and start using it today. Sign up is confidential and only takes a few minutes to complete and you will be on your way to using this free resource.


Annual Connect Users Conference

Our annual ImageTrend Connect Conference, held in July each year, brings together clients from across the country to network, share knowledge, socialize and learn!

ImageTrend University

ImageTrend University provides a library of resources to all clients with support agreements, including educational videos, manuals, quick guides and help documents. 

Ongoing Education

Including free on-site training sessions, free webinars and our ImageTrend University, which is accessible at all times through the product application. 


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