Take Control of Your Data and Streamline Your EMS Operations

Rely on the #1 software EMS professionals use to create simple, configurable forms and actionable data intelligence that helps customers streamline operations, shape long-term strategies and improve outcomes. 

Integrated and Comprehensive Solutions

Easily collect and share data, generate reports, gain insights, manage licensing, billing and other day-to-day operational needs.

Highly Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Configurable data collection helps meet unique compliance requirements and results in enhanced decision making for larger budgets, increased training and more.

Fully Compliant

ImageTrend meets the latest NEMSIS 3.5 reporting compliance for EMS, as well as adhering to NFIRS guidelines for fire reporting.

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Solutions that Solve Problems

  • Streamline data entry for emergency medical services

  • Adaptable reporting that gives you precisely what you require, nothing you don't

  • Improve patient handoffs and outcomes

  • Meet national and state reporting requirements with NEMSIS v3.5

Learn How ImageTrend Fits Your Needs

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"I work all of the hospitals, fire departments, and EMS agencies in the country on a daily basis, and continually hear how easy it is at the hospital to access run reports, update records for billing, and make the process smoother for physicians."

Barbara  |  EMS QI Coordinator  |  Florida

Improve Operational Efficiency, Compliance, and Patient Care

ImageTrend’s suite of features for EMS is meticulously designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency medical services, offering tools that cater to every aspect of the operation, from data management to regulatory compliance.

Streamlined Data Entry

Simplify the process of documenting patient care, reducing errors and saving time for EMS professionals.

Customizable Workflows

Simplify the process of documenting patient care, reducing errors and saving time for EMS professionals.


Real-Time Data Analysis

Provides immediate insights into patient data and operational metrics, aiding in quick decision-making.

Healthcare Interoperability

Facilitate smooth information transfer between EMS and hospitals, improving patient handoff and care coordination.

Offline Capabilities

Ensures that EMS personnel can document care even in areas without internet connectivity, guaranteeing no data loss.

Compliance and Reporting Tools

Helps EMS agencies easily adhere to regulatory requirements, simplifying the reporting process and ensuring compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the software offline?

Yes, with Elite Field, you can document an incident without a live internet connection on a variety of devices including Apple iPad, Android-based tablets, Mac or Windows-based PCs.

What type of exports do you offer?

ImageTrend connects to hospitals, other pre-hospital systems, billing services, state and national EMS reporting entities and more.

Do you integrate with Fire RMS?

Elite was built from the ground up as a unified system for both EMS and Fire data, so with ImageTrend, it doesn’t just integrate between EMS and Fire, it’s the same platform for your data, operations and reporting.

How is data reported to the state?

ImageTrend works closely with all states – in fact ImageTrend even powers 42 statewide reporting systems so you can rest assured any required reporting to the state will be seamless.

What devices can I use this on?

Because Elite was built from the ground up as a web-based app, you can use it on a variety of devices with a modern browser. Many departments are using tablets or ruggedized PCs to document on scene. It works with Apple, Android, Mac and Windows devices, giving you the ultimate flexibility to use your hardware of choice.

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