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The Preferred Solution of EMS Providers

NFIRS Compliance

ImageTrend Elite is packed with features EMS providers love. Save time on data entry and ensure complete, valid information is submitted for each patient and incident. 


  • Allows users to complete the PCR on multiple mobile devices

  • Sync process guarantees the latest configuration changes are brought down to the mobile device


  • Repeat Patient lookup can be used with or without an internet connection depending on your desired workflow


Improved Outcomes for All

Mobile Integrated Healthcare can impact a community in multiple ways.  Understanding the impact is the first step to building a program that benefits patient care and satisfaction, while reducing overall healthcare costs.


Elite Community Health supports community health initiatives to provide a patient-centric solution designed for the needs of your community.

Community Health can also be connected to these ImageTrend Solutions:


    • Elite™ for EMS
    • Health Information Hub™
    • Reporting Solutions
    • Continuum®
    • Revenue Services

The flexibility allows for a wide variety of programs such as high utilizers, post-discharge follow-up, substance abuse, veterans, CHF, diabetes and more.

Features of Elite for Community Health

Reporting and Analysis

Monitor progress and demonstrate improvements in your program


Identify prime candidates from the Impact Score list to enroll in specific care programs

Case Management

Easily manage quality patient care once they are enrolled in the program


See the Real Story

Continuum actively analyzes the data within your system as it is added or updated to provide you with notifications and
easy-to-view insights based on the information you need. Best of all, no reports to build. It’s that easy.

Viewing Data in Continuum

Visuals such as heat maps, pin maps, charts and graphs can be viewed passively or are interactive to drill down to finer points of your data. Filters let you compare over time, agency/department, specific criteria and more.

Alerts can be scheduled to notify you or your crew via SMS on your phone or email for up-to-the moment awareness.


A Billing Solution Designed for EMS Agencies

 ImageTrend Billing Bridge connects with electronic patient care reports and begins the billing process as data is collected, ensuring faster billing cycles with more timely payments.

Billing Bridge offers invoicing, account advisement and reconciliation with advanced reporting capabilities in a single enterprise solution. The open, scalable architecture and modular functionality allows the system to grow as needs, budgets and hardware capabilities allow.

Billing Bridge provides efficiency, flexibility and consistent accuracy throughout the billing lifecycle with a bi-directional data exchange and automated attachment imports through Elite.

System administrators have the ability to manage processes and promote self-sufficiency for their teams. Key features are centrally administered by authorized personnel to offer consistent, easy-to-use workflows that allow for intelligent and automated processing.

The time has come to check out Billing Bridge – the solution that offers invoicing, account advisement and reconciliation with advanced reporting capabilities in a single enterprise solution. You will leave this webinar with a better understanding of what Billing Bridge is and how it can improve your process.


Connecting EMS to the Hospital and Community

Health Information Hub facilitates the bidirectional, automatic exchange of data to connect EMS with hospital EMRs, HIEs, outcome data, billing and registry information. Integrated solutions allow providers – from EMS to hospitals to trauma departments – to gain a perspective of the full spectrum of patient care.

HIH delivers transaction efficiency by sending pre-hospital information to the hospital EMR. HIH allows the ultimate goal of improved patient outcomes to be realized through continuous quality improvement. The information exchange between hospitals and EMS agencies includes discharge outcomes, demographic information and more, leading to high-quality reporting.

Flexible Exchange Methods

ImageTrend solutions include collaborating with leaders in interoperability to provide various exchange methods that may be required. Exchange methods include query lookup and automatic data exchange through Direct Messaging, web services, VPN, MLLP and more to send and receive patient health information over a trusted healthcare network.


Reporting and Analysis Simplified

ImageTrend advanced visual analysis and reporting solutions facilitate the exploration of data, transforming information into intelligence.

Report Writer
Report Writer empowers LAFD administrators and data managers to gauge key performance indicators and monitor QA/QI factors. Report Writer is unrivaled in the industry, and includes standard and easy-to-use ad hoc reports.

Visual Informatics
An advanced visual analysis and reporting system that facilitates the transformation of data to information to new insights. Delve deeper into your data and discover new correlations or trends. 


Finally, an App for the Provider!

Rapidly enter personal exposures
Mark events for follow-up or results
Recall past incidents and export as needed

Be in the Know.  Be Aware.

Take control of your life with the ability to view active incidents, verify license details, track personal exposures and more.


It’s Time to Thrive

CrewCare is a free mobile app that helps emergency responders and those in the healthcare industry, including dispatch, hospital care providers, nurses and physicians, be more aware of stressors and how it may affect their well-being.

Why is CrewCare important?

  • Bring overall awareness to mental health
  • Increase self-awareness of your stress load
  • Improve support offered within the industry


How are the patient’s healthcare record, EMS incident and the fire incident connected?


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