Your Personal Well-Being Awareness Kit: CrewCare

We’ve gathered several resources in one spot for you to learn more about tracking stressors, what you can do proactively to maintain mental well-being and how your organization can gauge need and support. We encourage you to explore all items on the page and share with your crew.

About CrewCare

A mobile app designed for the first responder industry.


The goal of CrewCare is to provide mental health insight on an individual’s stress load and associated factors. We want to give back to the first responders that assist our communities in times of need.

It’s not just about being resilient, it’s about thriving.


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Health of Our Emergency Responders: A CrewCare Report

About the Report

The report is comprised of anonymous aggregate stress-related data collected from the CrewCare mobile App. The goal of this report is to provide insight about life stressors and associated factors related to careers, physical health, support, sleep, mental health, and burnout within the first responder community.

Of the many insights found within this 2018-2019 report, some of the more shocking results included 72% of respondents had scores indicative of burnout, almost two-thirds of respondents work more than 1 job, and 93% have encountered a mentally difficult call with 36% of respondents still struggling with that call.

Get the 2018-2019 Report

Well-being Webinars

Todd Donovan has struggled with mental illness dating back 40 years when he attempted suicide at the age of 8. He relates the challenges of living with major depression throughout his life and the stigma associated with it. However, his story doesn’t end with a debilitating mental illness. Todd demonstrates how finding a treatment worked for him. His message of hope leaves the audience with a new appreciation for mental illness, treatment, and breaks down the stigma.
After a year of data collection, the first annual CrewCare report brings insight into findings on emergency responder stress as it relates to burnout, mental well-being, sleep, support networks, and much more. In this webinar, epidemiologist Morgan K. Anderson provides an in-depth look at the results of this project and how it can shape the future of this industry.

CrewCare for Your Organization


As a department, you may be interested in knowing more about the stress levels of your crews. The CrewCare app with the department enhancements listed below can help, while maintaining your crew’s individual confidentiality.



  • Anonymous feedback to help identify crew stressors
  • Results of department stress over time
  • Insights that can inspire positive change



  • Unique department code for crews to use within the app
  • Custom EAP/crisis and support contacts within the app
  • Custom Life Tile questions (10-12 questions within the app)
  • Annual report with aggregate department specific results


The goal of CrewCare is to bring awareness to stress in the first responder industry and to gain better insights. The app is free for all individuals to download and use. With the department level options, the results (which remain anonymous) are aggregated to shed light on happenings within your particular department. If this type of program is of interest to you, please feel free to contact Morgan Anderson.

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